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Reverse Osmosis Filtration is as simple as it is effective. You take contaminated water and force it through a special filter. 这个过滤器有非常小的孔,这些孔大到足以让水通过,但除此之外没有什么. 99.9%的污染物被过滤器捕获,产生干净、纯净的水. As you can imagine, 水通过过滤器需要时间,因此干净的水被储存在一个水箱中以供使用.

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As the names imply, both of these systems take contaminated water and turn it into fresh, 干净的水. The difference is where the water is used.
安装3M反渗透系统,用于mg冰球突破摆脱攻略的mg冰球突破摆脱攻略和从井中获取的制冰机. Outstanding service. Showed up on time, 做了一个简洁的, organized install, and provided complete explanation of how the system works. Highly recommended. David Overlee提供了特别好的客户服务和故障排除.


Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

整个房子的反渗透系统净化水,因为它进入建筑,使水在您的管道, 厕所, 淋浴, and sinks is all purified.

Point of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems



Why Choose a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System?

如果进入你家的水充满了矿物质或其他污染物, reverse osmosis filtration is the absolute best way to purify the water. 这是因为这种过滤方法可以去除包括矿物质在内的各种杂质, organic compounds, 和化学物质.

其他过滤方法通常会去除其中一种,但不是全部. 你选择的过滤方式主要取决于你的水里到底有什么. In Minnesota, we have a lot of minerals in our water.

Some areas have nitrates which can be toxic in high concentrations. Other areas have brackish water meaning salt water. 盐水是选择全屋水过滤系统最常见的原因,因为水里的盐分会腐蚀你的管道和电器,从长远来看会造成很大的损失.

不幸的是, 没有一种适合所有人的解决方案,所以mg冰球突破摆脱攻略建议让mg冰球突破摆脱攻略认证的水调节技术人员检查您的家,测试您的水,这样他们可以确定什么是最适合您的系统. 否则, 你可能最终得到的东西不能过滤掉正确的污染物,甚至更糟, causes more problems with your plumbing, 电器, 和健康.

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Buying a Reverse Osmosis System from 范围 水

With all of the reverse osmosis products out there, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. When it comes to something as important as your water, 仅仅根据你在网上找到的几篇博客文章来做决定是有风险的.

mg冰球突破摆脱攻略相信找到合适的水过滤系统的最好方法是直接与你当地专门从事水调理的人交谈. 这个人会很清楚地知道你想要什么,并且能够试探你的底线, examine your home, and determine what your best options are.

At 范围 水, mg冰球突破摆脱攻略不仅帮助您找到最好的水过滤系统,mg冰球突破摆脱攻略还安装和维护这些系统. mg冰球突破摆脱攻略的水调节技术人员有多年的培训和经验,需要认证才能处理这样一个微妙的问题.


Reverse Osmosis Service and Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your reverse osmosis filtration system? We service most makes and models, so contact us right away to get a technician over to solve your problem. If you decide to replace your equipment entirely, we won’t charge you for this service call!

Tell us about your problem and we’ll help you get it solved.

Reverse Osmosis Systems from 范围

All of our systems are built with high-grade, 耐用的部件和安装和维修由认证的水处理专业人员.

Point of Use Reverse Osmosis

3M Reverse Osmosis 401

该系统由住宅管线压力供电,不需要电力. The system helps conserve water, 当储罐满时关闭,并重新打开,以补充储罐. Replacement filters are easy to change – twist on, twist off, no mess. Installs under the sink for Drinking and hydration, Hot and cold beverages, Cooking and food preparation, 宠物水化 & Aquatic aquariums.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Hellenbrand Millennium

mg冰球突破摆脱攻略的千年mg冰球突破摆脱攻略系统为您提供成熟的技术和无与伦比的性能. This system takes out the impurities generally found in tap water, giving your family healthy hydration. 它使用多级过滤,去除水中几乎所有影响味道的东西, smell and overall health benefits. Achieve Aqualibrium with Hellenbrand!

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