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“Range Water的每个人都很棒! 非常容易使用和伟大的希腊品牌产品!! 谢谢你!!”
“Range Water的员工非常乐于助人. They were able to install a new system the day after my old system broke down. The installation was clean and fast and the new system works great. 我强烈推荐Range Water.
“Everyone at Range Water Conditioning was extremely helpful when a softener I had bought years ago from another company quit working and needed to be replace. 安琪拉安排了一次家访, Scott came out and tested my water and recommended a softener, and Jake did a great job removing the old softener and installing the new one. I can really feel the difference in my water with a new water softener! 谢谢你!!”
“We are very happy with the service in all areas of the transaction. The water so far is wonderful and we are enjoying every drop. It tastes good and it is so clear, so nice to have pure water. We are trusting it will be a good unit for the long term.”
Wade和Renata Scepurek
“马克和杰克都非常专业! 我对他们的工作太满意了! 他们是最好的! 我绝对会向任何人推荐Range Water, their techs are very professional and know what they are doing!”
“Mark did a great job with the installation of our drinking water system. 他办事效率高,干干净净. 没有零件或包装留下. 谢谢你开车过来!!!”
“和去年一样的技术. 非常专业和优雅. 显然了解他的工作.”
“我得到了我认为是诚实的引用, 由专业安装与惊人的细节, 和整洁. My formerly complicated mess of pipes turned into a neat, eat to easy panel of pipes. I love the work, and the product works fantastically as well.”
“Range Water has been very responsive in answering my questions. Got my system up and running basically over the phone after being off for more than a year. Will be doing water testing in the future to help resolve further issues from my old system.”
“They called the same day to go over my issues; showed up the next day to do some water testing; the day after they installed a system that has taken care of the issue!!! So happy with Range Water and will definitely call them again if the need is there.”

“Installed a 3M reverse osmosis system for our drinking water and ice maker sourced from a well. 著名的服务. 准时出现, 做了一个简洁的, 组织安装, and provided complete explanation of how the system works. 强烈推荐. “
“Range Water消除了我所有的担忧. 他们提供了系统如何运作的信息, how they go about installing it and thoroughly went through my options for what product I wanted. They were kind and patient explaining all I wanted to know. Now that the softener and reverse osmosis system is in, I wonder why I suffered so long. Range Water是一个不错的选择.”
“Scott was outstanding, an example of “perfect” professionalism! 他的专业知识是最好的. Scott walked us through each step with our water softener concerns and he gave us insightful advice. 他很准时,人际交往能力也很好。”
技术人员通知我他在这附近. 他诊断并解决了这个问题, explaining exactly what he did and how to alleviate the problem in the future. 非常满意.”
“优秀的客户服务和及时的安装. They showed right when they said they would and answered any questions I had.”
“He was extremely knowledgeable about the water in the area and what we needed to do to give us the best water treatment.”
“Their technician is very good and knows his job very well.”
“这项业务非常以客户为导向. Scott was very good at explaining what they could do to improve our water. The installation team of Mark and Jamie explained what they were doing and cleaned up after the job. 新系统运行得很好!”
“We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Range Water. Jamie Peterson and Mark installed our new system and were very helpful, 知识渊博,回答了mg冰球突破摆脱攻略所有的问题. 优秀的客户服务. 也, Angela Dorholt was extremely helpful with all the paperwork and promptly answered any questions we had. mg冰球突破摆脱攻略强烈推荐Range Water给其他人.”
“非常专业的公司! Scott answered all of my questions during the initial visit and didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need. 他友好而耐心的态度为我赢得了生意! Mark (installer) was equally professional and knowledgeable. Quick install, no mess, took time to explain operation to me. I’m very satisfied and would definitely recommend this company!”
“Jamie Peterson came to service my water softener and change my spin down filter today. I found him to be very thorough/efficient and also adept at explaining each step he needed to take as he went through them. He checked out my AquaGate Water Control System that Range Water had installed when they put my 3M Water Conditioner in in 2013. 同样,他是一个周密而又和蔼可亲的年轻人. Congratulations to Range Water on having such an employee!”
“Our original sales agent 戴夫 was very thorough and easy to understand with his proposal. Scott carried through the Oder and went above and beyond to communicate and get the job done. mg冰球突破摆脱攻略非常满意. 有清澈的水真好.”
“mg冰球突破摆脱攻略对Range Water的服务非常满意. They have my parents a referral check for recommending them to us before our system was even installed! 他们让mg冰球突破摆脱攻略了解订单的最新情况, installation and all people we worked with were knowledgeable, 专业,非常干净. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for better water for their house!”
“伟大的客户服务. Entire process from start to finish was painless and easy. Starting with the initial phone call to Angela about basic information, 她很友好,也很乐于助人. Then to Scott who came out to our house to test our water and giving us the rundown on available system options for our water problems to lastly Mark installing the system in our basement. Everyone was super friendly and definitely customer oriented. Range Water的人真是太好了. 到目前为止一切都好. 一定会推荐给朋友和家人吗.”
“I called to schedule service on Monday afternoon and they scheduled me for Wednesday morning! Scott came out on Wednesday and diagnosed the problem right away he gave me the options and we decided on the new unit. Scott then scheduled my install right on the spot for Friday morning and off we went! The Tech got here Friday morning and was very professional and clean! 斯科特和他的手下都很有礼貌,非常有礼貌 ! 我强烈推荐他们!”
“优质的服务! 那个推销员学识渊博,一点也不爱出风头. He spent 4 hours at my house explaining my options and answering my questions. 安装人员在我家待了7个小时. 他非常善良和周到. mg冰球突破摆脱攻略会推荐他们!”
“詹姆和马克很棒. Arrived promptly and called ahead, explained their process, and gave advice for future maintenance. 积极的体验.”
“杰米是可怕的! He knows his stuff and explains what is going on to answer your questions. He is always pleasant and makes his customer feel important to the company. 他是五星以上的!”
"对mg冰球突破摆脱攻略的水消毒剂很满意,员工不错 & 能突然出现真好 & 但是盐. Went from horrible water (and orange hair) to totally drinkable”
“和更好的水一起工作很好! Explained what are water issues were and developed a plan to fix our hard well water. Better yet no pressure, we called them back a year later and it was like we talked just yesterday. 客户非常满意!!!”
Marc Backowski
“Range Water is an honest company with their customer in mind. 我打电话给他们的第二天,斯科特就出来了. 他花时间解释, 教我, then offered a solution to our water problem with no pressure to purchase additional equipment. He did great at giving me options to better our drinking water quality, and made sure I understood. When the time comes to upgrade our existing unit, no question I’ll be calling them again.”
“I got quotes from 2 different places in town and range was considerably lower on the price. To get an initial quote set up they were very accommodating to my schedule working nights at the time and came right out. 新的软水器和树脂罐安装得很好. 他们没有留下一个烂摊子, which I really appreciated and will be back to run a water test to make sure everything is working as it should or if adjustments need to be made. All staff from reception, to quote, to install were nice and easy to work with people”
Branden Kuck
“我喝Range矿泉水已经好几年了. Range is rare in that they are completely customer focused. 谢谢你的周到服务.”
“斯科特来的时候我正好有空. Was very professional and knowledgeable when checking our water and gave us all of the information we needed about our water softener and how to fix the problem. 强烈推荐!”
Kristine Pizzuto
“戴夫 and Jamie from Range Water provide not only great education about your home’s water, 但也要有出色的客户服务. Having a reverse osmosis system installed in our home has been life-changing!”
“The install done by Mark was well laid out, clean, and lookes great. Mark was knowledgeable about the system and provided answers as we discussed components of the water softener and filter system. 我很满意这次经历。”
Erik Maki
“印象深刻. They had a technician to my house in 1 day and replaced my water softener the next. 强烈推荐.”
“员工非常友好和专业! Jamie and Jake (not from State Farm) did wonderful work installing my water softener and filter system. Prices were reasonable and install was fast and painless! 谢谢你的周到服务!”
“杰米太棒了……对这位老太太来说,他做得非常彻底。! Mark came today and installed my water softener…he dud a great job and was in and out. 包括移除旧的软化剂..不到两个小时! 一个宝石!”
“Every thing with regards to the purchase and installation of my new water softener was smooth and easy. All representatives were courteous , prompt, and efficient. 一个愉快的经历!”
“和这家公司做生意很不错, couldn’t be happier with our purchase of a new water softener. From start to finish every interaction with company was top shelf. 强烈推荐”
“Jamie is very knowledgeable, we appreciate him repairing our water softener quickly and easily. 谢谢你!!”
当我去拜访时,我听到了一个愉快的声音. 在解释我的问题之后, I was immediately transferred to another upbeat voice that helped me through the problem with my osmosis system. Range Water的人很友好,乐于助人! 我建议人们检查他们的供水服务!”
格雷格 & 露丝扯碎
“詹姆学识渊博,待人友善. He walked us through the process as he installed our RO water system. 非常满意mg冰球突破摆脱攻略的系统和服务.”
“I had a water conditioner system installed by Range Water Conditioning and was very satisfied with their professional efficient service. 代表们非常有礼貌, informative and accommodating with the specifics of my needs in the installation of my system.”
“预算内,准时. From the sales rep taking the time to explain the water system to the installation this was a flawless project 5 stars for sure. 使用铜管安装过滤器. 机械师真的很出色. 谢谢你所做的一切.”
“优秀的安装和操作说明. 现在水很好. 有严重的铁问题. 有两个树脂罐. While system is automated I’m very satisfied with the service and the system.”
“The Range Water guys came and installed my reverse osmosis system in a little under and hour which included a line to the ice maker. This guys were fast and efficient and explained what they were doing and how the system was connected and when to change filters. 一份专业的工作! 强烈推荐Range Water满足您的饮水需求!”
“他们很好,很容易共事! 他们真正关心他们的客户! 会继续与他们合作很长一段时间吗!!”
Lyndsey Roesner
“Jim called today and told me that Mark did a great job installing his system, he also said that Scott and Angela were both very helpful. Jim said he was very pleased with Range Water and very happy he picked us.”
“I had range water put in our water softener and Mark did a great job. He was quick and efficient and he left the job site immaculate. He explained how the unit he installed work and I was very satisfied with his job.”
“他们很快就mg冰球突破官网了我, 回答我所有的问题, 在电话打完后的一周内安排了一次会面. The professional who completed the install was very knowledgeable and thorough. 我对这个系统很满意.”


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